Art Storytelling (Exhibitions)

One Voice Africa realizes that if there ever is a time to rewrite the African story and create the real Africa for what it truly is, it is now.

We encourage all forms of creative arts, Paintings Cinematography, and films that explain the true spirit of Africa, arts that lead us back to our roots and open our eyes to royalty, arts of our cultural heritage and the future of our people home and abroad.

That is why we have One voice Africa TV. “A TV designed to be a solitary Channel within a field of others, which is solely dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Africa in all forms. It is a groundbreaking, first of its kind, African content-based television Network. A fresh approach to African Television content, perpetually generative in sourcing and sponsoring talents & products from the creative Entertainment Industry Africa wide. It’s all about Africa. It is created to raise the consciousness of Africans about Africa and sell the truth about Africa to the rest of the world.

It is time to look inwards for strength, and take the center stage in retelling our story.

Telling the real African stories



When you become a one voice Africa member.

You will have the unique privilege of supporting us via exclusive focus groups, consultations, civil debate and events. We see each member as crucial to the collective voice for social justice, we believe in inspiring together, your support helps us ask the right questions of our leaders both home and abroad.
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