We encourage Africans from across the world to join 1VA social media community of influencers. A group of individuals working hard to advance and unite Africa, People who are already doing stuff in this regard. It is a social media platform where members are vetted researched and approved to be part of. We maintain that certain criterial are met before being admitted. It is an exclusive platform which we hope to grow with time. It means a lot to belong here, these are the champions of our movement.

Outlining, weighing and enhancing leadership in Africa through civil education and engagement with youths across Africa. Helping them to develop interest in politics and understand how that leadership changes everything for the African youth. We start once they turn sixteen… our target is for when they are ten.

Humanity has always been led in the direction of their utterances what people say long enough they bring to existence. Against all odds and negative/media confession over Africa, we are asking young Africans to highlight the positive energy/vibes of Africa in poetry and spoken words, we are raising consciousness among the African youth by the African youths themselves competing as word smiths

This is an online visual poetry, rap and music competition with a view to highlight the positive vibes of Africa.

We encourage all forms of creative arts, Paintings Cinematography, and films that explain the true spirit of Africa, arts that leads us back to our roots and open our eyes to royalty, arts that that breads patriotism, arts of our cultural heritage and the future of our people home and abroad.

Scattered all over the Nations of the world are Africans blazing the trail, these global phenomena are yet to be felt in the heart of Africa. We are creating platforms in every community across Africa to bring citizens of Every community home to their people, to join hand and build a better world for themselves. We do this by engaging the leadership and government of various states across Africa, starting with Abia and Imo states in Nigeria


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